COSB presentation at “Ham Radio 2.0 — Innovation and Discovery” (Dayton Hamvention May 19 2018)

The “Contest Online Scoreboards” presentation has been successfully delivered. Many thanks to the Yasme foundation and to her president Ward, (N0AX) for this unique possibility.

We are publishing our presentation files as well as a few pictures from Dayton Hamvention 2018:


Photo 1:  Victor (VA2WA) is presenting Contest Online Scoreboards

Photo2: Victor (VA2WA) and Alex (K2BB) are at the RigExpert booth

Thank you for visiting us at Dayton Hamvention 2018!

CQ WPX CW Highest Online Scoreboard plaques, the real-time scoreboard for amateur radio contesting, is establishing a special award program to encourage the use of scoreboards during international contests. We are currently announcing two plaques that will be available for participants in the CQ WPX CW Contest May 26-27, 2018:

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator)

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Multi-operator)

Single operator includes all power levels and assisted or non-assisted entries.

Multi-operator category includes M/S, M/2 and M/M entries.

There is one requirement for all contenders, They are required to actively contribute their scores to Contest Online Scoreboard during all periods of their contest activity.

The plaques winners will be awarded after official results are published by the contest organizers. Any disqualified entries will not be eligible.

We look forward to seeing your scores on during CQ WPX CW!  Information on how to post your scores during the contest is available at

Contest Online ScoreBoard at the Hamvention 2018 in Dayton!

We are pleased to inform you that Contest Online ScoreBoard will exhibit at the Rigexpert booth 5105 (building 5) at the Hamvention 2018 in Dayton.We will provide Contest Online ScoreBoard options demonstration. 

Great thanks to Rigexpert and to Yuri, VE3DZ personally for this great opportunity.

We’ll also provide a public COSB presentations on a wide screen in the Ham Radio 2.0 booth in Building 4 (Volta Building). The presentation will start at 3 pm on May 19 (Saturday).

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Real Score cluster update. left the cluster

For the past 6 months, the score distributor has been used to distribute live score postings from all participating contesters, regardless of whether they posted directly to the distributor, the Contest Online ScoreBoard (COSB) or Unfortunately, has recently announced that it will no longer share scores that are directly posted to it.

The public announcement of that decision is in the official tweet . As a result, we have no choice but to stop sharing with them direct postings coming to COSB. We are saddened by this and hope they will change their policy in the future.

To ensure that live scores continue to be widely available, please configure your contest logging software to post your score to the score distributor at the following link, rather than to an individual scoreboard:

We also invite anyone interested in establishing a live scoreboard to join our federation of scoreboards. Please contact us for details at .


Alex, K2BB        
Bruce, WA7BNM     distributor server,
Randy, K5ZD    
Victor, VA2WA

New COSB version for mobile devices!

We have recently activated new COSB functionality for mobile devices.  The website automatically detects mobile device and switches to a compact mobile page. The mobile version doesn’t have bands breakdown views and have just minimum data. That’s why it’s good enough even for old iPhone small screens!

But we keep all the functionality. All the score output filters work the same way as in the full desktop version. The performance graphs are also available for logged in users:

The following options are available from the mobile menu:

We have also made possible to get the new scoreboard mobile page in a desktop browser.

The scoreboard mobile version window takes much smaller space on a screen. If needed return to a full version could be done from the desktop mobile fall down menu :


We hope that would make online scoring monitoring mush more comfortable! As usual we’d like to get some feedback from you. Any comments are highly appreciated. Just use the form below.

New column on the scoreboard page: Authorization source.

We have added one new column to the scoreboard page. It has the title “A” and could be “translated” as an Authorization  source.

Since our server is getting involved into the Real Score Cluster more and more we are going to publish the score postings source.

There are the following options:

C –  posting has been processed and authorized by the server

D – posting has been processed by the server by using authorization API either or COSB

S –  posting has been received directly and processed by the Contest Online ScoreBoard server.


New web site version is online

We’ve done significant re-styling of the COSB web site. Thanks to Randy who made a great effort to clean up all the pages!

The major changes are:

  • The scoreboard page keeps now its scrolling position after auto refreshing
  • The scoreboard page has been re-designed  for resizing to a smaller window
  • The site header has been changed.  Contest selector has been moved to the left edge. That has been done to have it in a smaller window
  • Additional windows (Club, competition, Teams Competition and Rates) open in a dedicated windows

Randy, K5ZD is the new COSB team member

We are so glad to have Randy, K5ZD to join our team! He is well known to almost everyone who has the same passion as we all are – contesting. Member of CQ Hall of Fame,  WRTC-2014 director , incoming   WRTC-2018 judge, ex director of CQ WPX and CQ WW DX contest and many others titles!

Beside that he has a good web experience by enhancing CQ WW and CQ WPX web sites. Randy is going to help us with COSB web sites design and development.

New rate graphs ( Contest progress view)

We have activated a new  graphs view: “Contest progress“:

That may be useful to compare personal performance with some other participant.

A rate window is showing “Hourly view by default as it was before:

We just decided to remove background from all the graph to get better contrast balance.

Switching between two graphs are by marked by red rectangle on screenshot images link above.

Please note these features are available for the only registered users!