New option – Team Management page

As requested by our users we have implemented a new option – Team Management page. This option would be very welcomed for contests having Teams competition – ARRL Sweepstakes, NAQP, BERU etc.

The Team Management page enables any registered user to create a new team, rename or delete any team has been created by the user. You can create more than one team, but only one team can be active in a contest.

The new option link is on the Profile page:

The team manager will be able to monitor all of their team members on this page. The team manger can delete a team member if needed.

Please contact us by if you have any questions or in case if you need an assistance with registering a team with your profile.

The Canadian Amateur Magazine (TCA) article about Contest Online ScoreBoard

The following article about The Contest Online Score Board was published in The Sports Page column of the September-October 2018 issue of The Canadian Amateur.

Great thanks to Alan Griffin, The TCA Editor and to Tom Haavisto, VE3CX the TCA Sports Pages columnist for all the assistance they have provided for the publication.

Click on the article image to get full pdf version:


New Mobile version Icon

You’ve probably noticed a new icon in the header:

It has a link to the scoreboard Mobile version. That version gives you possibility to minimize scoreboard browser window to a really small size on your Windows (or Mac or Linux) desktop:

A contester’s desktop always filled up with dozen different application windows (logger, dx cluster, propagation monitor etc.).  We hope that option could replace the  “Scores in a logger” feature by approximately the same size small window but providing much more services as filters, performance tools, club competition page which are impossible to run in the Scores in a logger” current release.

By the way any mobile browsers running on all types of cellphones and iPads switch to Mobile version automatically since it perfectly fits any small screen.

Something about sharing scores between servers

I was surprised how my message has been misspelled by the cqcontest owner in his Tweet:

The pre-history of that Tweet:

We did few attempts  to convince the cqcontest scoring service owner to restart score exchange as we did at Nov 2017-Apr 2018 ( see details at .

The latest contact attempt to Dmitry, R4WW the cqcontest owner was surprisingly promising. He came up with his personal initiative to re-start score exchange between two servers. But after learning his suggested architecture we found a clear evidence to put cqcontest as a central DB hub and to avoid exchange traffic to go through the well known score distribution server. 

We have declined the above mentioned offer since it wasn’t even close to our scoring exchange collaboration policy:

  • There should not be any preferences to one of scoreboards. All the scoreboards are equal in terms of user data exchange
  • Any architecture needs to include the score distributor

Another one surprise for me personally was Dmitry’s point “In his opinion, the architecture offered by Russian side is too much difficult, and he do not understand the joined schema” ))) I’ve never told that. We can afford any modern IT technology. And honestly I’m really proud for any of our team member: Alex, Bruce and Randy. They all are real IT professionals and have proved that by implementing number of well-known online projects for HAM community.

We do our best to serve contest scoreboards. We constantly improve our service quality. We are always working hard to get score exchange between all the possible scoring servers into a cluster. As a result we have developed and successfully tested score distribution architecture involving score distributor network providing equal service to any scoring server.

And finally  … Yes! We are open to share scores to any existing and new scoring services if they  agree to work in equal and free of scores privatize attempts friendly network. Our main requirements are following to 2 basic rules:

  • There should not be any preferences to one of scoreboards. All the scoreboards are equal in terms of user data exchange
  • Any architecture needs to include the score distributor



CWOps Mini-CWT latest policy updates

We are constantly working on improving of our service. After receiving feedback from our users we have implemented the following improvements to the CWOps Mini-CWT policy:

  • An automated robotic script cleans up all the three CWT scoreboards  every Wednesday night at 6 UTC. That removes last week results from all the scoreboards.
  • We have increased up to 15 minutes after contest period when a score still  be accepted.  That time should be enough to get all the latest scores from participants’ loggers.
  • One additional check has been added to avoid publishing scores from a previous session.

We also would like to ask you to clean up your logger score before any new CWT session. Your old session scores could cause to be a distraction to others. ))

We would be appreciated for any suggestion or feedback regarding our service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by leaving your comments in this weblog.

Good luck in CWT!