WRTC 2022 Roadmap Archive

We all are contesters. And we all understand how important the WRTC qualification process is! ))

The new option called “WRTC 2022 Roadmap Archive” keeps all the WRTC qualification contests final results in an archive. We keep also all the timing data so it’s integrated with almost all standard tools we have for live contests: bands breakdown data, hourly performance graphs, club competition page etc.

To get the WRTC archive click on the WRTC 2022 logo on the right-top position:

New option: Manual Scoreboard Posting

We have deployed a new option – Manual Scoreboard Posting. That would be useful for contesters are not successful with configuring their logger. The new option could give a chance to publish their call and score on a scoreboard anyway.

How to get the Manual Scoreboard Posting form?

  • At first that requires user login. The only registered users can do that.

There are two places were we put the link to the posting form.

On the Scoreboard page header:

Onthe Profile page:

To make score upload process comfortable as much as possible we are keeping last uploaded values during user web session. So just the new ones should be entered.

Manual postings are valid only for active contests. The last score upload could be done withing 15 minutes after the contest has finished.

New feature: View. Customizing scoreboard output.

Recently we have added a new feature – “View”. That gives some new tools to change the scoreboard page output based on personal preferences.

The View customization page has a link in the top menu:

There are 2 options now:

  • All Single Op – display Single Operator Assisted and Non-Assisted together in the same section. It could be activated for contest splitting Single operators by two groups Assisted and Non-Assisted.
  • Top Ten – only display the top ten highest scores in each category. That could minimize the scoreboard screen by showing up just the top score entries.

There are few more options in a “View” waiting line. We hope to implement them soon. Everyone can suggest their options . We are always open to new ideas!

Our Highest Online Scoreboard trophy program

The first Highest Online Scoreboard winners will receive soon their plaques for the CQ WPX CW contest.

As we see a constant interest to this program we are looking for sponsors for the following plaques :


  • Highest Online scoreboard – Multi Operator
  • Highest Online scoreboard – Single Operator High Power
  • Highest Online scoreboard – Single Operator Low Power


  • Highest Online scoreboard – Multi Operator
  • Highest Online scoreboard – Single Operator High Power
  • Highest Online scoreboard – Single Operator Low Power

Your Name and Call will be engarved into a plaque! Please contact us at admin@contestonlinescore.com for conditions.

*** The number of contests could be extended if we find more sponsors

New option – Team Management page

As requested by our users we have implemented a new option – Team Management page. This option would be very welcomed for contests having Teams competition – ARRL Sweepstakes, NAQP, BERU etc.

The Team Management page enables any registered user to create a new team, rename or delete any team has been created by the user. You can create more than one team, but only one team can be active in a contest.

The new option link is on the Profile page:

The team manager will be able to monitor all of their team members on this page. The team manger can delete a team member if needed.

Please contact us by admin@contestonlinescore.com if you have any questions or in case if you need an assistance with registering a team with your profile.