Competing against yourself! Compare your hourly rate to the last year.

One more option has been added to the COSB functionality – the hourly rate competition with your last year result. It’s possible only for contests from WRTC archive – If we have your call in the last year contest archive you can get both scores current and last year. For example if you are running ARRL DX CW 2020 and we have your call in the ARRL DX CW 2019 archive you could get both year rates:

Just find out your call with the “dash” and last year. For example my last year hourly rates is associated with VA2WA-2019 call. COSB provides rates in a real time. So you can make correction to your contest strategy on fly!

Sharing direct postings between COSB and is up!

Breaking news! The sharing direct postings between COSB and is up again! It has finally started yesterday February 7, 2020 right before a big contest weekend with CQ WPX RTTY. Both scoreboards exchange direct coming postings instantly by forwarding them to the Distribution Server. The Distribution Server ( ) forwards them to the another scoreboard.

That means wherever you score has been sent – they always be published on both score board and on ours !

Many thanks to Dmitry, R4WW the owner and Bruce, WA7BNM the owner for their contribution!

About COSB clubs list

Our scoring service automatically recognizes new club name provided in a scoring posting and adds a new club to the COSB clubs list if there is no any club associated with a user profile. It will be automatically assigned to a user profile as well. A user should be careful with the club name. For example Preble ARA or Preble Amatuer Radio Association will be considered as two different clubs. 

We have configured COSB server to use a user profile configured club as the highest priority. Once club is configured in a user profile any other club provided by a logger will be ignored.  That could be changed manually to another club from the COSB clubs list on the profile page ( ).

Another option would be emptying the club name on the profile page and configure a new club in a logger. This way user can add a new club to the COSB list by him/herself by using own logger application.

CQ WW 2019 COSB trophy winners preliminary results

Top three pretenders. Just one of three with a highest score will be a winner after official results will be published by CQ WW committee.

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator Low Power):

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator High Power):

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Multi operator Any Power):

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator Low Power United Kingdom ):

*** sponsored by Simon Barnes MI0SAI

CQ WW CW 2019 Trophy program is establishing a special award program to encourage the use of scoreboards during international contests. We are currently announcing three plaques that will be available for participants in the CQ WW CW Contest November 23-24, 2019:

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator Low Power)**

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Single operator High Power)**

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  (Multi-operator Any Power includes M/S, M/2 and M/M entries )

–  Highest Online Scoreboard  UK (Single-operator Low Power over all in UK ) – sponsored by Simon Barnes MI0SAI

** Single operator category includes assisted or non-assisted entries

There is one requirement for all contenders. They are required to actively contribute their scores to Contest Online Scoreboard sent directly or forwarded over Score Distribution Server .

The plaques winners will be awarded after official results will be published by the contest organizers. Any disqualified entries will not be eligible.

We are looking for plaques sponsors. Your name and call could be on the plaque! You could support existing categories or create your own.

CQ WPX CW 2019 Trophy winners

After CQ has announced official CQ WPX CW 2019 results we are glad to publish Highest Online Scoreboard winners:

Multi Operator: KC1XX operated by KC1XX K1CC K1QX K1TR KM1P KM3T NN1C W1FV W2RQ WA1Z

Single Operator High Power: SN7Q operated by SP7GIQ

Single Operator Low Power: MU2K operated by RL5D

Single Operator 20 Meters Low Power: CE3AA operated by XQ4CW **

** sponsored by Bob Evans, K5WA

Congratulations to the winners! All the crystal plaques will be send to lucky winners during the next few days.

We are happy to announce the High Online Scoreboard trophy program for incoming CQ WW CW 2019 contest. We have already the three following Category:

  • Multi Operator Any Power
  • Single Operator High Power
  • Single Operator Low Power

We are looking for trophy sponsors. Your name and your call could be on the crystal plaques! You also could sponsor any other categories! Please contact as by for details.

New WinTest online scoring utility has been released

We’ve published the new WinTest online scoring utility version. Thanks to Alex, K2BB for the update.

We’ve fixed incorrect multipliers reporting for all the WAE contests. The new version has better UDP traffic sniffing stability. That will be useful for Multi stations having slow network bandwidth or unstable connections over the LAN.

The download link: