New page: Club competition

After some requests from our users we have created a new page “Club competition”. As other one click tools the link to the page are sitting on the top menu.

By clicking on the link a new page will opened in a new browser tab. On the page are all the active in the current contests clubs will be presented. It summarize all clubs’ members scores and rank clubs in accordance with the score.

We have also implemented a new Club filter. By clicking on a Club name you can get just one club on the page and hide others:

To flush a club filter and to return all other clubs on the page a simple click on a Club name will be needed!

A new “Filter flush” link added

We have added a new “Filter flush” link clearing up all the board filter settings to default. Some guys suggested us to implement some kind of  “tick box”  to clear all the filter settings without going to a special page.

It works fast and easy. By clicking on it you get the same contest board unfiltered just in few milliseconds.

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Distribution server CQ WW CW testing report

We are glad to report score distribution server testing was successful during the CQ WW CW contest. Just some stats from the last weekend:

1. Distribution server (

  • During the 48 hours of the CQWW CW Contest, the score distributor forwarded 72,385 score posts to the scoreboards.
  • That’s an average of one post every 1.2 seconds.
  • The peak rate was 4 in one second.
  • 35 users configured their logger to use the distribution server URL ( )
  • Postings from 90 Contest Online Score users  ( were forwarded to the distribution server and then were forwarded to the


  • had over 500 active entries on the CQ WW CW board!

3. Contest Online Score Board ( )

  • had 125 CQ WW CW entries from active users

We continue using the distribution server as the central piece of a real score cluster. It is running 24/7 serving all the possible contests. This is the best way to send your score and ensures your score will be published on all the available online score boards.

What should you do? It’s easy!

1.  Register an account on both servers:

2. Configure your logger with the following real score server URL:

**** for Win-Test users we have prepared a special program:

About server performance

What about our server performance metrics? Would it be enough in case of board users increasing after finalizing real score cluster? We’ve prepared few CPU usage report graphs:

As you see 100 user sessions loaded CPU by the only 5%. We constantly working on script and DB optimization.  That’s why CQ WW CW contest 100 users sessions got CPU load 1.5 times less than ARRL SS CW with just 60 user sessions.

Anyway there is a lot of room for improvement! Take a look at the hourly CPU load graph. There are some CPU load spikes produced by a script running in a beginning of every hour calculating the “Highest rate” for a contest. It does a search over 100K log entries withing few seconds:

So are we ready for the cluster? The answer is “Yes”.  The biggest number of online score board users I’ve ever seen  was 600 during the last CQ WW CW on the  If we do some  calculations we could figure out the COSB CPU load would be around 30-35% with 600 online usersAnyway there is a lot of room for improvement! The current server is a modest VPS. So RAM and vCPUs could be easily upgraded. Moreover we designed our server side scripts such a way to be ready to split incoming traffic to a front servers cluster.  More to come …

Real Score Cluster full functional test

The next great step in the The Real Score Cluster implementation just happened. We did the first full functional cluster test during the last ARRL DX CW contest. All the 100% score postings from over 300 contesters were shared between two scoreboard servers and COSB for the first time!  We didn’t notice any significant gaps during that testing.

Thanks for all  the Real Score Cluster guys who did a lot to make this event a big success:

  • Dmitry, R4WW the owner
  • Bruce, WA7BNM the distributor server creator

How that works:

=> All the incoming traffic to the Distribution server (or Score distributor) is forwarding to COSB and CQcontest

=> All the incoming traffic to the COSB is forwarding to the Distribution server and after- to the CQcontest .

=> All the incoming traffic to the CQcontest is forwarding to the Distribution server and after – to the COSB 

We still have a lot of things to be done to finish the Real Score Cluster infrastructure basement.  Unfortunately during this period might be not all postings to be shared or they could be shared partially.

You could be a part of the project! The best you can do to help us would be configuring your logger to send your scores to the Distribution server ( ).

Please read how to set up your logger to be ready for the Real Score cluster the most efficient way.


Sharing contest real time scores between servers (Update of Nov 23)

The score sharing implementation is going well. Yesterday we have configured Contest Online Score board server to forward to the Score Distribution server all the internal postings coming from COSB users directly . The Score Distribution server forwards them to if a particular contest is supported by That means all the score spots published on the will be automatically published on the as well. To finish this phase we just need to do the same. Once that will be done we get a real score cluster everybody is waiting for so much )) That would be no difference which server link is in a logger real score server configuration. Wherever score will be sent they will appear on all board servers in a cluster (if a particular contest is supported by a particular score board).

But we still have some tasks to be done after that. We need to come up with a common solution about user authentication, server replay message unification and some others. We’ll keep you posted.

For the coming this weekend CQ WW CW we still asking you to configure your logger to send your CQ WW real scores to the following URL:

By using this link your score will be published on both score board servers.

New Continent filter

We have extended our board filter by new filtering criteria:

It’s easy to use. Just check up continents from which you wish to have scores to be published on a board. Click on the “Save” button.

By default no continent filter is applied.

Sharing contest real time scores between servers (Update of Nov 20)

The first test of the new real-time scoring technology “online score distribution server” went well! We had 11 volunteers from USA, Canada, Italy, Russia and Scotland over last weekend. All the volunteers’ scores were successfully forwarded to COSB and But I hope that was just a first try. Thanks a lot to these brave guys! ))

Sure we had some issues. The first one was with WriteLog postings (fixed quickly by Bruce, WA7BNM) and another one with  (fixed later by Dmitry, R4WW). But, few problems for the first test. ))

We need more volunteers for CQ WW CW testing!

It’s easy:

1.  Register an account on both servers ( and )

2. Configure your logger with the following real score server URL:

3. Participate at least few hours in the CQ WW CW

You can always use this configuration since you can participate in any other contest and the distribution server will automatically forward your scores to all the servers that support that contest, without any further changes to your logger settings – kind of real score cluster. That’s actually the target of all of our activities.

On our side we have already started updating our “Logger settings” document to encourage all the HAM’s to use a distribution server URL as a primary one.

Good luck in CQ WW CW! And don’t forget to provide your feedback! We very much appreciate for your help.