CQ WPX SSB 2020 trophy program sponsored by Icom America

ContestOnlineScore.com and our generous sponsor Icom America extended award program. We are currently announcing adding two new contests to the program ( CQ WPX SSB 2020 and CQ WW SSB 2020). We are adding one more plaque – Single Operator QRP.

The following plaques will be available for participants in the CQ WPX SSB Contest March 28-29, 2020:

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator QRP)**

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator Low Power)**

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Single operator High Power)**

– Highest Online Scoreboard (Multi-operator Any Power includes M/S, M/2 and M/M entries )

** Single operator category includes assisted and non-assisted entries

There is one requirement for all contenders. They are required to actively contribute their scores to Contest Online ScoreBoard or cqcontest.net directly or forwarded over Score Distribution Server .

The plaques winners will be awarded after official results will be published by the contest organizers. Any disqualified entries will not be eligible.

The 2020 COSB/Icom America trophy program supports four contests in 2020:

  • CQ WW CW

Good luck in the contests!

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