Sharing contest real time scores between servers (Update of Nov 23)

The score sharing implementation is going well. Yesterday we have configured Contest Online Score board server to forward to the Score Distribution server all the internal postings coming from COSB users directly . The Score Distribution server forwards them to if a particular contest is supported by That means all the score spots published on the will be automatically published on the as well. To finish this phase we just need to do the same. Once that will be done we get a real score cluster everybody is waiting for so much )) That would be no difference which server link is in a logger real score server configuration. Wherever score will be sent they will appear on all board servers in a cluster (if a particular contest is supported by a particular score board).

But we still have some tasks to be done after that. We need to come up with a common solution about user authentication, server replay message unification and some others. We’ll keep you posted.

For the coming this weekend CQ WW CW we still asking you to configure your logger to send your CQ WW real scores to the following URL:

By using this link your score will be published on both score board servers.

New Continent filter

We have extended our board filter by new filtering criteria:

It’s easy to use. Just check up continents from which you wish to have scores to be published on a board. Click on the “Save” button.

By default no continent filter is applied.

Sharing contest real time scores between servers (Update of Nov 20)

The first test of the new real-time scoring technology “online score distribution server” went well! We had 11 volunteers from USA, Canada, Italy, Russia and Scotland over last weekend. All the volunteers’ scores were successfully forwarded to COSB and But I hope that was just a first try. Thanks a lot to these brave guys! ))

Sure we had some issues. The first one was with WriteLog postings (fixed quickly by Bruce, WA7BNM) and another one with  (fixed later by Dmitry, R4WW). But, few problems for the first test. ))

We need more volunteers for CQ WW CW testing!

It’s easy:

1.  Register an account on both servers ( and )

2. Configure your logger with the following real score server URL:

3. Participate at least few hours in the CQ WW CW

You can always use this configuration since you can participate in any other contest and the distribution server will automatically forward your scores to all the servers that support that contest, without any further changes to your logger settings – kind of real score cluster. That’s actually the target of all of our activities.

On our side we have already started updating our “Logger settings” document to encourage all the HAM’s to use a distribution server URL as a primary one.

Good luck in CQ WW CW! And don’t forget to provide your feedback! We very much appreciate for your help.

Sharing contest real time scores between servers

I’m glad to make a first announcement about some promising progress in sharing real score data between servers.

Few months ago we’ve started communication with Dmitry, R4WW the owner of the well known real score server We have agreed to cooperate on sharing score data. On the same time we received a beautiful initiative form Bruce, WA7BNM who came up with a brilliant idea of a score distribution server. The score distributor is meant as an easy way to post live scores to all active scoreboards:

1. The distribution server posts scores it receives to all scoreboards

2. It only posts scores to a scoreboard for a contest if that contest is supported by that scoreboard

3. It doesn’t post scores to a scoreboard, from which it received a score POST

That sounds like a beginning of real time score cluster. That wouldn’t be important which URL has been configured in a user loger since all the posts finally be delivered to ALL active score board servers supporting current contest.

Bruce just made my day by sending today a message saying a test version of the distribution server is ready to go! Now we are ready to test options 1-2 (score postings could be sent to a distribution server and after to be distributed between and servers).

We need volunteers who are ready to do the following:

1. to register accounts on both servers ( and )

2. configure your logger with the following real score server URL: 

(username a password could be empty since we don’t use authentication during the first QA phase).

3. participate at least few hours  in the coming contests: ARRL SS SSB and CQ WW CW

4. Share with us your experience about how things go with posting to both servers. Please pay attention to score posting timing. Are any delays with your score publishing on both servers? Is your logger posting status clear?  Your feedback about anything else related to postings would be very appreciated.

Rate monitor “funny” numbers issue

We’ve noticed some weird numbers the rate monitor was showing up during the last ARRL SS CW contest :

Highest rate : 862 q/h by N9TK. How could that be?! Our explanation is the following:

“The best rate monitor” script runs hourly to calculate every one’s hourly rate consistently.  It sorts out all the best rates and find out the biggest value to put on the board header.

Everything is correct If a person has connected to the server before having a fist QSO in a log. But when a person gets connected to the server few hours after a contest start having already few hundreds qso’s in a log fools the script.

Take a look at the N9TK QSO’s rate graph:


N9TK has connected to the server on 24th hour after ARRL SS CW has started and his first post had over 800 qso’s. Our script calculates an instant rate by subtracting the last hour QSO’s number from the previous one. Since we have nothing for the previous hour we consider that as 0 QSO’s. So we’ve got 862 QSO’s have been made from 23th to 24th hour. Voila! ))

Sure we’ll find out a way to check up the posting history to prevent such “funny” numbers in a future. I just hope that wouldn’t make this script stress out the server too high since it usually calculates a rate from few dozens thousand numbers.

The contest highest rate monitor

We have implemented a new feature – the highest QSOs per hour rate monitoring. This feature is activated for all contests longer 1 hour. Every hour we calculate everyone’s 60 minutes rate from top of the previous hour , find out the best and put on the top right side on the board page header.

By clicking on the “Highest rate” monitor module you will get a new page “The contest best rates list” where will be all the current contest board participants list sorted by a personal best hour rate. It refreshes automatically every hour to reflect latest rates updates.

We don’t know if that does make sense to implement the contest highest rate monitor for mini contests by using 10 minutes rate. If you have some opinion please place as comment to this post. Thanks ))

Overriding categories

We have implemented few category overriding rules.

  • If a logger sends a mode attribute different comparing to a contest mode it will be overridden by a contest mode value.

For example: If I have mistakenly configured my CQ WW CW log with a MIXED  mode in a header my mode MIXED to be overridden by CW and to be shown  in CW group on the CQ WW CW board

  • If a contest doesn’t have assisted (or unlimited) and non-assisted subcategories all the provided by a logger ASSISTED subcategory value will be replaced by NON-ASSISTED. So the all assisted and non-assisted scores will be in the same group – NON-ASSISTED.

We wish to  consolidate all the users scores in a group in accordance with  a contest organizers definition. Splitting scores by unnecessary sub-groups just makes board visibility worse.

Please leave your comment if you have some other suggestions.

Working with callsign aliases

We have designed our score board server to accept a user main call as well as any user’s call aliases. We just improved our scripts to accept ANY combinations of them during authentication.

For example I have the following callsignes registered:

  • VA2WA – the main one.
  • VA2WDQ – an alias
  • VC2A – an alias
  • VC2W – another one alias

So I have my N1MM+ logger credentials configured to post my score by using VA2WA credentials.  If I set new contest log with my another call VC2A for WPX I don’t not need to change my credentials with  N1MM+ .

Anyway to see INSTANT RATE graphs you have to be logged in the Contest Score Board server with your currently active call. In the above mentioned example I should be logged as VC2A. The password is the same for all calls.

New tool added: QSO/hour, Mult/hour and Score/hour instant rate graphs

We are announcing  a new option INSTANT RATE GRAPHS. Here is the screenshot from the latest CWT mini test:


That’s a true instant analyzing feature providing 10 minutes rate for min tests running 1 hour or less or 1 hour rate for all other longer contests. It starts working since the first minute and available for logged in users just by clicking on a competitor’s call on the board. That requires you to be logged in with your currently active in the contest call.

It’s a new feature and we would be appreciated for all the feedbacks and suggestions on improving it.