Rumors about breakdowns and our polling experience

We didn’t expect so many critics targeting our decision to suspend breakdowns for some particular contest considering this data as an external assistance to a single op.

Just to clarify what exactly our HAM community wants we’ve launched an online poll on EasyPolls. The results we’ve got seemed very discouraging. There are two huge groups having opposites opinions:


Anyway, as you see the second group which is not supporting disabling of breakdowns is slightly bigger. So we decided to follow the majority and since today there will not be any limitations on bands breakdown data.

Bands breakdown view is ready

We have activated bands breakdown view. To see all the QSOs numbers spitted by band a “Breakdown” link on the top menu  bar should be clicked.

To come back and to hide bands data a “Simple view” link should be clicked.

After consultations with NAQP contest organizers we decided to implement one simple feature – blocking breakdown view for some contest considering this feature as an assistance.

The next two NAQP contests boards for  NAQP CW and NAQP SSB will come up with the breakdown view feature being disabled for these contest.

Hello world! We’ve launched Contest Online Board!

We have finished and launched our Score Board pilot version.

It’s coming up with some limited options ( no bands breakdown, no private room and some others). Also board filter is not fully functional – results could be filtered only by Single OP- Multy category and Assisted – NON Assisted). Anyway it’s a functional server so multiple contests score could be  uploaded and viewed.