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24 May 2022 12:15 UTC
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Closed: RSGB 80M CC Data
Closed: K1USN Slow Speed Fri
Closed: UN DX
Closed: YOTA May
Closed: HM The King of Spain, CW
Closed: European PSK DX
Closed: Arkansas QSO Party
Closed: Baltic
Closed: K1USN Slow Speed Mon
Closed: ICWC-MST 1
Closed: OK1WC Memorial (MWC)
Closed: ICWC-MST 2
Closed: ICWC-MST 3
Coming: A1Club AWT
Coming: CWops Mini-CWT 1
Coming: CWops Mini-CWT 2
Coming: CWops Mini-CWT 3
Coming: CWops Mini-CWT 4
Coming: NCCC NA RTTY Sprint
Coming: NCCC NA CW Sprint
Coming: CQ WPX CW
Coming: RSGB FT4 Contest Series