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18 Mar 2018 05:57 UTC
Supported Contests
  Contest Name Contest ID Mult 1 Name Mult 2 Name Mult 1 Attribute Mult 2 Attribute
1 10-10 Int. Summer SSB 10-10-PHONE 10-10 state
2 4 States QRP Group SS Sprint 4STQRP-SSS States/Provinces state
3 7th Call Area QSO Party 7QP-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
4 AGCW Straight Key Party AG-CW
5 All Africa SARL-AAF AF-DXCC country
6 All Asian DX, CW AA-CW Prefixes/DXCC prefix
7 All Asian DX, Phone AA-SSB Prefixes/DXCC prefix
8 All Austrian 160m AOEC-160 WAE Fed.States country state
9 Araucaria World Wide VHF ARAUCARIA-VHF Grids gridsquare
10 ARI International DX ARI-DX Countries I Provinces country state
11 Arizona QSO Party AZ-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
12 ARRL 10 Meter ARRL-10 DXCC VE/W/XE country state
13 ARRL 160 Meter ARRL-160 ARRL/RAC/DXCC state
14 ARRL DX CW ARRL-DX-CW States/Prov./Countries country
15 ARRL DX SSB ARRL-DX-SSB States/Prov./Countries country
17 ARRL January VHF ARRL-VHF-JAN Grids gridsquare
18 ARRL June VHF ARRL-VHF-JUN Grids gridsquare
19 ARRL Rookie Roundup, CW ARRL-RR-CW States/Prov. state
20 ARRL RTTY Roundup ARRL-RTTY States/Prov. DXCC state country
21 ARRL September VHF ARRL-VHF-SEP VHF Grids gridsquare
22 ARRL Sweepstakes CW ARRL-SS-CW States/Provinces state
23 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB ARRL-SS-SSB States/Provinces state
24 Asia-Pacific Sprint, CW AP-Sprint-CW Prefixes prefix
25 Asia-Pacific Sprint, SSB AP-Sprint-SSB Prefixes prefix
27 BARTG HF RTTY BARTG-RTTY Countries Continent state zone
28 BARTG Sprint BARTG-SPRINT Countries Continent country zone
29 Black Sea Cup International BSCI-HF Zones/Countries/BSC country
30 British Columbia QSO Party BC-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
31 California QSO Party CA-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
32 Colorado QSO Party CO-QSO-PARTY St,/Prov./Counties state
33 CQ 160-Meter, CW CQ-160-CW DX/WAE Prov./St. country state
34 CQ 160-Meter, SSB CQ-160-SSB DX/WAE Prov./St. country state
35 CQ WPX CW CQ-WPX-CW Prefixes prefix
36 CQ WPX RTTY CQ-WPX-RTTY Prefixes prefix
37 CQ WPX SSB CQ-WPX-SSB Prefixes prefix
38 CQ WW CW CQ-WW-CW Countries Zones country zone
39 CQ WW RTTY CQ-WW-RTTY DXCC/SP Zones country zone
40 CQ WW SSB CQ-WW-SSB Countries Zones country zone
41 CQ WW VHF CQ-VHF Grids gridsquare
42 CQ-M International DX CQ-M R-150-S Countries country
43 CQMM DX CQMMDX Countries SA Prefixes country prefix
44 Croatian CW 9A-CW Countries country
45 CVA DX CW CVA-DX-CW Federal Units Countries state country
46 CVA DX SSB CVA-DX-SSB Federal Units Countries state country
47 CWops Mini-CWT 1 (13-14z) CW-Ops Unique Calls state
48 CWops Mini-CWT 2 (19-20z) CW-Ops Unique Calls state
49 CWops Mini-CWT 3 (03-04z) CW-Ops Unique Calls state
50 CWOps Open 1 (00-04z) CWOPS-Open Unique Calls state
51 CWOps Open 2 (12-16z) CWOPS-Open Unique Calls state
52 CWOps Open 3 (20-24z) CWOPS-Open Unique Calls state
53 DARC 10-Meter DARC-10M Countries DOKs country state
54 DARC XMAS XMAS DOK Prefixes state prefix
55 Delaware QSO Party DE-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
56 DL-DX RTTY DL-DX-RTTY Countries country
57 DMC RTTY DMC-RTTY Prefixes prefix
58 EA PSK63 EA-PSK EADX/Provinces/Entities state
59 EPC Ukraine DX EPC-UKR-DX Countries Oblasts country state
60 ES Open HF Championship ES-OPEN ES Region state
61 European HF Championship EUHFC First licensed state
62 Florida QSO Party FL-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
63 FOC Marathon FOC
64 FOC QSO Party FOC-BWQP FOC members state
65 Georgia QSO Party GA-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
66 Hawaii QSO Party HI-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Hw.Mult state
67 Helvetia Contest HELVETIA Countries HB cantons country state
68 High Speed Club 1 HSC-CW
69 High Speed Club 2 HSC-CW
70 His Majesty The King of Spain, CW KING-OF-SPAIN-CW EADX/Provinces/Entities state
71 His Majesty The King of Spain, SSB KING-OF-SPAIN-SSB EADX/Provinces/Entities Provinces state
72 Holyland DX HOLYLAND-DX 4X Arewas state
73 Hungarian DX HA-DX HA Counties/Members state
74 IARU HF World Championship IARU-HF Zones HQ zone hq
75 Idaho QSO Party ID-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
76 Illinois QSO Party IL-QSO-Party St./Prov./Counties state
77 Indiana QSO Party IN-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
78 International Naval NAVAL Unique calls prefix
79 Iowa QSO Party IA-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
82 JARTS WW RTTY JARTS-WW-RTTY DXCC Call Areas country state
83 JIDX CW JIDX-CW Countries Prefecturs country state
84 JIDX Phone JIDX-SSB Countries Prefecturs country state
85 Kansas QSO PARTY KS-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
86 Kentucky QSO Party KY-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
87 Louisiana QSO Party LA-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
88 LZ DX Contest LZ-DX Zones+LZ districts zone
89 LZ Open LZ-OPEN
90 Maine QSO Party ME-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties DXCC state country
92 Marconi Memorial HF CW MARCONIMEMORIAL Countries country
93 Maryland-DC QSO Party MDC-QP Countries St./Prov. country state
94 Mexico RTTY XE-RTTY DXCC XE States country state
95 Michigan QSO Party MI-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
96 MINITEST 17-18z MINITEST Callsignes prefix
97 MINITEST 18-19z MINITEST Callsignes prefix
98 Minnesota QSO Party MN-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
99 Montana QSO Party MT-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
100 NA QSO Party CW NAQP-CW States/Provinces state
101 NA QSO Party SSB NAQP-SSB States/Provinces state
102 NA QSO Party, RTTY NAQP-RTTY States/Provinces state
103 NCCC NA CW Sprint NCCC-SPRINT-CW States/Provinces state
104 NCCC NA RTTY Sprint NCCC-SPRINT-RTTY States/Provinces state
105 New England QSO Party NEWE-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
106 New Hampshire QSO Party NH-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
107 New Jersey QSO Party NJ-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
108 New York QSO Party NY-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
109 North American Sprint, CW NA-SPRINT-CW States/Provinces state
110 North American Sprint, RTTY NA-SPRINT-RTTY States/Provinces state
111 North American Sprint, SSB NA-SPRINT-SSB States/Provinces state
112 North Carolina QSO Party NC-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
113 NRAU 10m Activity NRAU-10M
114 NRAU-Baltic, CW NRAU-CW Region state
115 NRAU-Baltic, SSB NRAU-SSB Region state
116 NRRL Vintertest NRRLVINTER Grids gridsquare
117 NSARA NSARA NS Counties state
118 Oceania DX, CW Oceania-DX-CW Prefixes prefix
119 Oceania DX, Phone Oceania-DX-SSB Prefixes prefix
120 Ohio QSO PARTY OH-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
121 OK DX RTTY OK-DX-RTTY Countries/OK country
122 OK/OM DX OK-OM-DX Districts Countries state country
123 OK1WC Memorial (MWC) MWC Suffix Letter prefix
124 Oklahoma QSO Party OK-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
125 Old New Year RADIO-ONY
126 Ontario QSO Party ON-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
127 Open Ukraine RTTY Championship UKR-CHAMP-RTTY
128 Orenburg Puch Platok OrenPuhPla RDA/QTH state
129 PACC PACC PA Provinces state
130 Pennsylvania QSO Party PA-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
132 Phone Fray SSB NAQP-SSB States/Provinces state
133 Portugal Day Portugal Countries CT Region country state
134 RAC Canada Day RAC Provinces state
135 RAC Winter RAC Provinces state
137 REF 160 REF-160 Departments state
138 REF CW REF-CW Countries Departments country state
139 REF SSB REF-SSB Countries Departments country state
141 RSGB 80M CC Data RSGB-80M-CC
143 RSGB Commonwealth (BERU) RSGB-BERU
144 RSGB DX RSGB-DX Countries Prefixes country prefix
146 Russian 160m RADIO-160 Oblasts state
147 Russian District Award RDAC RDA Countries state country
148 Russian DX RDXC Oblasts Countries state country
149 Russian RTTY WW RADIO-WW-RTTY Countries Oblasts country state
150 Russian WW Digital RUS-WW-DIGI Countries Obl. country state
151 Russian WW MultiMode RUS-WW-MM Countries Obl. country state
152 Russian WW PSK RUS-DX-PSK Countries Oblasts country state
153 SA Sprint SA-SPRINT Prefix Countries prefix country
154 SARL DX CW SARLDX-CW Countries country
155 SARL DX Digital SARLDX-DIGI Areas country
156 SARL HF Phone SARLDX-SSB Countries country
157 SARTG New Year RTTY Contest SARTG-NY-RTTY Countries country
158 SARTG WW RTTY SARTG-RTTY Countries country
159 Scandinavian Activity, CW SAC-CW Countries/Scan.prefixes country
160 Scandinavian Activity, SSB SAC-SSB Countries/Scan.prefixes country
161 SCC RTTY Championship SCC-RTTY License year prefix
162 Scottish DX SDXC Regions Countries state country
163 SKCC's Weekend Sprintathon SKCC States/Provinces state
164 Solar Eclipse QSO Party ECLIPSE-QSO States/Provinces state
165 South Carolina QSO Party SC-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
166 South Dakota QSO Party SD-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
167 SP DX SP-DX Provinces Countries state country
168 SP DX RTTY SP-DX-RTTY Provinces Countries state country
169 Stew Perry Topband Challenge STEW-PERRY
170 Ten-Meter RTTY TEN-RTTY States/Provinces state
171 Tennessee QSO Party TN-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Counties state
172 Tesla Memorial HF CW HF-TESLA
173 Texas QSO Party TX-QSO-PARTY St./Prov./Count state
174 Top of Operators Activity TAC Prefixes prefix
175 TRC DX TRCDX Countries country
177 UA1DZ CUP ARLS-UA1DZ-CUP DXCC Obl. country state
178 UBA DX, CW UBA-DX-CW Prov./Prefixes/DXCC country
179 UBA DX, SSB UBA-DX-SSB Prov./Prefixes/DXCC state
180 UBA ON, 2m UBA-ON Sections state
181 UBA ON, 6m UBA-ON Sections state
182 UBA ON, CW UBA-ON Sections state
183 UBA ON, SSB UBA-ON Section state
184 UBA PSK63 Prefix UBA-PSK63-PREFIX UBA sec. Prefixes state prefix
185 UK/EI DX, CW UKEIDX-CW Countries DCs country state
186 UK/EI DX, SSB UKEIDX-SSB Countries DCs country state
189 UKR-CHAMP-CW UKR-CHAMP-CW Oblasts state
190 Ukrainian DX UKRAINIAN-DX Countries Oblasts country state
191 Ukrainian DX DIGI UKRAINIAN-DIGI Countries Oblasts country state
192 Venezuelan Independence YV Call areas Countries prefix country
193 Vermont QSO Party VT-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
194 Virginia QSO Party VA-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
195 VOLTA WW RTTY VOLTA-RTTY Countries/Call areas country
196 W/VE Island QSO Party USI-CIA-QSO-PARTY States/Provinces state
197 WAE DX RTTY DARC-WAEDC-RTTY Countries country
198 WAE DX SSB DARC-WAEDC-SSB Countries country
199 WAE DX, CW DARC-WAEDC-CW Countries country
200 Washington State Salmon Run WA-QSO-PARTY States/Provinces state
201 Winter Field Day WFD Modes prefix
202 Wisconsin QSO Party WI-QSO-PARTY Counties/States/Prov. state
203 Worked All Germany WAG Countries/Districts country
204 WRTC 2017 Simulation WRTC Countries HQ country hq
205 WW PMC WWPMC PMC prefix
206 YB DX Contest YB DX Contest DXCC YB pref. country prefix
207 YL-OM YL-OM Counties/States/Prov. country
208 YO DX HF YO-DX-HF Countries Counties country state
209 YU DX YU-DX Countries YU prefixes country prefix
210 Yuri Gagarin International DX GC ITU Zones Special st. zone prefix
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